…..what if?

Our ‘what if’ attitude means that every project is approached with fresh enthusiasm and delivered with new concepts.

From barrel aging cocktails to writing Wii games, Research & Development fuels everything we do. As a collective of some of the world’s best bartenders and with exceptional relationships with chefs, winemakers, distillers, blenders, psychologists and food scientists, BAMBOO is ideally placed to forge forward with new product development and a better technical understanding of liquid refreshment. Our test kitchen Thirteen is testament to the critical role of product in all of our activity – 1300 sq ft designated to the creation of rituals, test serves and blend ingredients. The space is dedicated to ensuring that food and drink always play a central part in every animation.

The brand should always be the hero, always shine. All that strategic thinking, creative direction, production design and event management can  be undermined by one bad drink.

Thirteen is primarily a wet kitchen, where our creative team tweak dials on rota vaps, press buttons on vacuum pumps and even do some good old fashioned drink making, but it also plays host to our regular chef partners and houses both our cellar and Methuselah, our old bar.

Food is more than just victuals. At its best it should be an experience in itself – Ferran Adrià defined eating at El Bulli as a night out at the theatre. Food is a tool that triggers a physiological and often psychological reaction in the recipient and is a vital part of all our efforts. We work closely with extraordinary chefs in developing food strategy and experiences for drinks brands. This includes our own supper club Tiffing; an experiential cocktail dinner series hosted with our chef partners.

Besides the creative and testing phases, BAMBOO is also involved in food and drink styling. From a simple pack shot to a highly stylised diorama, BAMBOO has been involved in the visual presentation of food and drink serves since a client first said ‘…any chance I can get a picture of that?’.