Exploring new frontiers. With snacks.

It sometimes feels as though there isn’t much that hasn’t been done before, but we are pretty sure this is the real McCoy. BAMBOO are pioneering the use of food and drink as a central part of the marketing mix. So we aren’t just developing concepts to promote food and drink, we’re also using our ideas in food and drink as vehicles to drive other brand categories, by using flavour to influence preference.

From designing couture Jimmy Choo cocktails to represent new collections or crafting drinks to animate Pucci’s olfactory pyramids, BAMBOO is unique in leveraging consumables, in these cases drinks, as tools to amplify other lifestyle brands.

This sensory marketing allows us to begin dialogue with prospects in a language that is contextually new but instantly recognisable. We don’t just make this up, it is painstakingly researched, the message itself carefully corroborated by our partner psychologists. We have built an understanding of how people will react to different envelopes of aromas, tastes and textures delivered in particular ways in particular environments, and by manipulating that we can, to a degree, control their emotional responses. The rest is down to creativity and showmanship.