Communication through partnership

BAMBOO uses unusual bedfellows to reach the same old audience with a fresh message.
 Shared objectives, different viewpoints and cumulative buying power can yield impressive results.

Hennessy and Zenith, Dom Perignon and Berluti, Belvedere and Jimmy Choo, Vertu and Glenmorangie. These were all projects where a collaborative approach brought together out-of-category partners in an unexpected way to create shared equity and build their brands.

Such strategic partnerships can be developed into complex and far reaching platforms. Perhaps the most impressive of these is The Manhattan Cocktail Classic.

This one event really merits is own micro site here. 70 Events over 5 days and 5 boroughs… New York has never seen its like. 150 brands all working together to reach trade and consumer enthusiasts through one resonating voice.

BAMBOO is very proud to be part of this extraordinary event.