We have a funny way of looking at things

Perhaps it’s all those late nights, or the kitchen, or all those late nights in the kitchen. Whatever it is, it gives us a different approach to brand building. BAMBOO transforms uncommon ideas into real experiences that inspire and engage prospects, holding their attention, creating lingering impressions and ultimately changing their behaviour enough to deliver real business objectives.

BAMBOO conducts careful analysis of future trends, not just in eating & drinking or hospitality, but across culture as a whole, from practical advances in technology to the latest extreme sport. We use these to develop our understanding of the psychology behind preference.

Because we have to execute our own ideas, our conceptual approach has a practical bent, not cautious, but just with a clear understanding of what can be done and how. Deep roots in the drinks industry and an irreverent treatment of the marketing process mean that we question everything.

Our ideas are holistic and strategic rather than just singular and tactical and are designed to deliver a clear and measurable return on investment. They never stand alone but properly integrate with every aspect of the brand. Once manifested, there should be a natural and unforced fit with the brand persona that delivers a proprietary and measurable response.

We take a cooporative approach to creative, with graphic designers producing integrated materials, industrial designers producing service pieces and props and interior designers creating and executing decor and scenic and technical productions.

Promotional events are held every day, but do they really reach their prospects? Using food and drink as tools rather than just an incidental part of the event is central to our approach. Food and drink can be used to generate an emotional response in the prospect and as part of an immersive environment can create genuine sense memories that will last. It’s about creating an emotional connection that goes  beyond simple reaction.