At the heart of everything we do

Hand selected for each project, our teams are put together from our own extensive books. From hostesses and security to sommeliers and waiters, BAMBOO relies heavily on its brand trained, bright and beautiful front of house staff to animate concepts and engage with prospects. These people are our, and your, ambassadors and they are critical to the success of a project.

Execution should be dramatic, so we’ll use DJ’s, acts, musicians and even original scripted theatre and actors to animate concepts. For anything we cant provide directly, we handle all aspects of talent booking from casting to direction.

The oil in the engine of an event, our hugely experienced back of house staff ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time. Our logistics crew are so good, we started a whole new company, SHERPA, to supply these exemplary teams to the industry as a whole.

Last, but by no means least, are our bartenders. BAMBOO very carefully selects and trains its international network of bartenders. Smart, articulate and cerebral with balanced practical and technical ability, these characters are pivotal in most, if not all, of our programmes. They help build and present our tools and programmes and are the ultimate litmus test as to their effectiveness. They mystery shop our events and are a vital part of the reporting process.

We speak their language because effective B2B marketing relies on it. Without that dialogue to support it, detailed and rich content can feel thin and false. They keep the focus on the product, not just the brand.

We love our bartenders, they are creative, competitive, professional, poorly groomed and well dressed, (or vice versa). Most of them are irreverent craftsman like the Journeymen of old, traveling the world collecting the experiences that set them apart from their peers. From the workhorses turning out thousands of Mojitos in a muddy field to the show ponies sliding a finely crafted Manhattan across a zinc bar, our bartenders are able to deliver high quality drinks with speed and style wherever they find themselves. Everything they do goes into everything we do.