LOVE eating and drinking

Eating and drinking are an integral part of every activation. We work closely with caterers to design and deliver bespoke food solutions for our events and we are incredibly proud of the work we have done with world class chefs in developing and delivering amazing food experiences. Food is never just an incidental part of the event but, alongside drink, the beating heart. A bad cocktail and a stale canapé can go a long way towards making an experience forgettable.

But our spiritual home (pun very much intended) is cocktails. BAMBOO translates global trends into impactful drink serves for both our brand clients and the corporate market. These drinks are exceptional. Above everything else, our reputation has been built on the quality of these cocktails and that includes everything in them. It all comes back to control.

In the UK, BAMBOO has its designated test kitchen, Thirteen, that is constantly designing drinks, testing recipes and developing ingredients. This acts as the production kitchen for all events.  In the US, BAMBOO works closely with its chef partners, in each city, to produce juices, purees, syrups, infusions, bitters, foams and jellies from Thirteen’s recipes. This commitment to quality extends to every ingredient. Lucky old London even have their own ice machines, producing a thousand pounds of three quarter inch Hoshizaki cubed ice a day. (New York will get their own Kold-Draft machines when Fed Ex work out how to ship them nationally. Pipe down Team USA).

In execution, BAMBOO uses systems developed over thousand of events to deliver finely crafted drinks with polish. We’d like to think that it goes without saying that we select spirits only on merit and use only the best quality, fresh ingredients.