What makes us different?

And we are genuinely different. For a start, we didn’t get up one morning, throw open the curtains and decide to start an experiential marketing firm. We evolved out of genuine need on the part of our clients that began with delivering their product in inventive ways. Problem solving and hard work has created a practical business that delivers our clients a great return on investment.

Our perspective is very different too. We have a different angle on the the drinks industry. Holistic, if you like. As both doctor and patient, we understand the products we are handling daily and what resonates with both trade and consumer audiences. Its not just about the tool, but also understanding how to deliver it in a way and an environment that sticks.

B2B marketing feels more natural because we speak the language. We talk with these prospects not at them and we know what matters to them as well as what impacts on them.

BAMBOO is part of a global network of drink trendsetters and influencers. If Thirteen designs a cocktail, it doesn’t just get served a couple of hundred times at one bar, but thousand of times at hundreds of events world wide. If we design a global mixing strategy, our research and development impacts on drinking trends and becomes part of drinking experiences worldwide

Its not usually like us to boast, we are pretty self effacing really, with a good deal of our work private label stuff. Because we understand that we aren’t the rock stars, its our brands that should shine.

Experiential marketeers talk incessantly about ‘multi sensual’. We believe it’s only multi sensual if every sense is stimulated. It’s really not enough to use lighting, music and decor to create an experience. Prospects must touch, taste and smell their way through an activation.

BAMBOO uses simple processes to deliver these complex messages and we start where other agencies leave off by focusing on those senses most closely associated with emotion, behaviour and long term memory. It’s about longevity too. We try to understand how the prospect needs to feel after the experience, not just at point of contact. What’s left behind and how do we control that?

We are refreshingly open. We are not a revolving door consultancy and we don’t resell work. Each project is approached with fresh zeal and a new set of concepts. We are also truly speculative with our work, we don’t hang onto¬† our ideas, we like to move on, to replenish.

Conventional experiential marketing is just product promotion with a bit of entertainment thrown in on top. BAMBOO’s brand animation literally brings¬† brands to life.