The Ardbeg Beastie

Project type; Consumer Brand Animation

An unconventional approach to sampling for a very unconventional whisky.

Objective; Create a vehicle the showcases Ardbeg’s untamed platform and promotes the launch of Ardbeg 1990 bottling ‘Airigh Nam Beist’.

Mechanic; A vintage VW combi was stripped and refitted by BAMBOO’s design team. A custom vinyl exterior wrap features chained teeth, claws, eyes and fur while the interior is all chocolate leather, oak paneling and black sheepskins.

The Beastie was a physical manifestation of their digital campaign designed to drive awareness of the brand amongst whisky drinkers and generate buzz amongst their fan club, The Ardbeg Committee. It popped up all over the place, from Rock Ness to Canary Wharf, with brand trained teams serving drams of Ardbeg Uigeadail with chunks of 3 year old Parmigiano Reggiano. (I know. Cheese. But it works and it makes this most peaty of malts just delicious).

Outcome; A buzz campaign this generated significant press and activity via the website, facebook and twitter. The Beastie was, quite literally, followed all over the country. What people will do for a hunk of cheese! Oh and this consecutively award winning whisky (Ardbeg Ten/Ardbeg Uigeadail – World Whisky of the Year/s Whisky Bible 2008/9. Jim Murray quite likes this stuff. He described it as being “mind boggling complex” and said tasting it was “one of the great moments in my whisky life”. Well said Mr Murray.