The Plymouth Flight

Project type; Brand Animation

Distilled since 1793, Plymouth has a rich and deep association with cocktail culture, including a genuine claim as the brand of choice in the King of Cocktails – The Dry Martini.

Objective; Educate and Inspire. Reinforce Plymouth’s part in vintage cocktail lore and inspire bartenders to manipulate and create ingredients that are part of that story.

Mechanic; BAMBOO were engaged to support a new trade initiative, a flight of classic gin cocktails; Gimlet, Pink Gin and Marguerite, made with the original and called for gin – Plymouth. BAMBOO created a scalable training for top tier trade that contained carefully researched and succinct back-stories to each serve, its classic renditions and, critically, directions for the ever inventive and independent bartender to make each drink their own. BAMBOO created  recipes for each of the key ingredients; Lime cordial for the Gimlet, spice bitters for the Pink Gin and citrus bitters and a bright new vermouth for that Grand daddy of the Dry Martini – The Marguerite. Thirteen designed each as a more contemporary take on the original.

The cordial was bright and verdant, with none of the heaviness of the original and the spice bitters warm and rich, like Christmas in a glass. But the Marguerite was a revelation. Made with a crisp and delicate Chenin Blanc vermouth, with none of the burnt sherry notes of Noilly, just complex and subtle layers of flavour that really allowed Plymouth to shine. The orange bitters Thirteen designed were crafted by blending individual macerations extracted under vacuum in controlled temperature water baths.

Outcome; Focused training was supported the global launch of a new book on English Gins featuring each of the cocktails. Drinks were well received by attendees, but the focus was really creativity, not learning by numbers. BAMBOO’s non-prescriptive approach allowed bartenders to cherry pick elements from the trainings without feeling lectured. Every bartender and his dog is knocking out bitters these days, inspired by some truly great and recently commercialised products. But when you consider its significance in cocktail culture, Vermouth is still a relatively unmessed with category. Permission is granted. Here’s hoping creativity will yield some fabulous results.