Hennessy Art of Mixing

Project type; Global Drink Strategy

Hennessy’s Art of Mixing is designed to be a global mixing platform adapted and scaled by local markets. This intensively researched project has subsequently been developed into digital media, high profile consumer events and trade development programmes.

Objective; Hennessy is perceived very differently in Asian, African, American and European markets. The objective was to build a simple and relevant mixing strategy for use across each.

Mechanic; BAMBOO conducted an extensive project deconstructing notable brandy based mixed drinks from Victorian punches, great cocktails of the Gilded Age to classics of the 20th century. The objective was to build, based on precedence, a clear picture of what ingredients were most commonly used and in what combination. This quantifiable study produced not only the ingredients most commonly used in brandy drinks, but also the drink, arguably the most venerable, that contains them all. (Brandy Crusta – If you’re interested). The patterns observed allowed us to develop key flavour families, which then formed the basis of Hennessy’s mixing strategy.

Outcome; A rare approach to a project so often just thrown together by marketers. Hennessy’s Art of Mixing programme provided a genuine and realistic guide for all future drink development, at the global and, critically, local level. The programme has strong digital elements, training and POS materials and has developed into impactful event platforms.