54th Hennessy Gold Cup

Project type; Brand Animation

The Hennessy Gold Cup has been run at Newbury for 54 years, the longest running sponsorship of its kind. Hennessy hosts high profile trade guests, Press and VIP’s in a private box for a great day of racing. Over the last 7 years BAMBOO has turned this day’s racing into an involved brand experience.

Objective; To reaffirm Hennessy’s lifestyle credentials to key trade prospects and to connect with key consumers

Mechanic; Different every year, 2010 saw Newbury’s Royal Box converted into a 1950’s lounge, complete with classic furniture, veneered bars and original copies of Time Magazine. Thirteen designed a day long grazing menu and a holistically paired drink offering integrating Hennessy’s aromatic and flavour properties and designed to showcase versitilty. These drinks were extraordinary, from membrillo sours, served hot and dusted with cinnamon to the epic ‘Rouge’ (think Cognc based ‘Pinot Noir’. Bursting with berries, tannins and smoke and served in a Riedel Claret glass. Perhaps a perfect food cocktail for a crisp winters day).

To improve visibility across the rest of the course and to put the brand in hand BAMBOO ran installed a Hennessy Lounge with sofas and blankets for the freezing crowds to enjoy Hennessy Hot Toddies. We also ran a custom built cart selling flasks of Hennessy Hot Chocolates between the stands.

Outcome; Conventional PR does well from this cornerstone event in the winter racing calendar. Harder to measure is the effects on key taste makers of seven hours of Hennessy curated experience. But they do keep coming back.