Givenchy Blue Label

Project type; Brand Animation

Launched back in Spring 2004, Givenchy Blue label is a fresh blast of citrus underscored with black pepper and dusky cardamom.

Objective; BAMBOO were engaged to build an involving event for key fashion and beauty press.

Mechanic; Taking bored H&B journalists out of their comfort zone, BAMBOO hosted a series of workshops at the Kingly Club. We broke down the olfactory make up of Blue Label and showcased  these elements reconstructed both as fresh ingredients in a cocktail and as a carefully blended infusion. Watching these drinks being built; touching, smelling and tasting each ingredient attendees were better able to identify and remember each element in the fragrance. We were lucky. This doesn’t work with every scent. Perhaps it says a lot for the authenticity of Blue Label that the natural ingredients still resonate so clearly in the blend.

Outcome; Journalists, so used to desk side pitches and the familiar structure of a boring product launch were delighted with this intimate and engaging experience.