Chivas Midas

Project type; Drink Strategy

Chivas were celebrating the relaunch of their iconic golden 18 YO recognised as ‘the finest blended Scotch in the world’ F Paul Pacult.

Objective; BAMBOO were commissioned to design a clever and engaging serve that showcased the key flavour characteristics of Chivas 18.

Mechanic; Custom designed glassware and many kitchen hours later, Midas was born. 3 Differently flavoured, but identically coloured liquids are layered into a custom blown pipe glass. With each sip the drinker experiences a different flavour; chocolate, toffee and dried fruit, key notes in the 18YO. Simple and highly impactful, Midas is typical of the innovative approach that Thirteen has.

Outcome; A highly controlled tool (due, in many respects, to the skill required to create the component parts) the Midas has been used to great effect on international guests at the distillery, who are surprised and delighted to see such an extraordinary portrayal of this venerable and much loved whisky.

Here’s Midas in Action. In Cannes of all places.