Belvedere Macerations

Project type; Brand Animation.

Maceration is only natural… Belvedere has created a range of unique flavours, each crafted from artfully blended macerations of real fruit. Each maceration is launched in Pop Up’s executed in London, Los Angeles and New York. 2009 was Black Raspberry, 2010 Pink Grapefruit. 2011 is Bloody Mary. These Pop Up spaces play host to a range of events each designed to reach a different segment of Belvedere’s audience.

Objective; BAMBOO is responsible for ensuring that the food and, most importantly, drink offering is exemplary and fits with each audience.

Mechanic; From cocktail parties to extensive dinners, BAMBOO animated each Belevdere Maceration using original and impressive serves.

The press launch at New York’s 2009’s Black Raspberry’s launch was an 8 course cocktail dinner with each course a finely crafted holistic pairing. Some partnerships were whimsical; like a milkshake tin of Black Raspberry, cream and fresh strawberry juice bubbling with dry ice and served with a sealed paper bag of just-baked chocolate chip cookies, piping hot and straight from the oven. Others were just decadent; A Wagyu Ruben, served on Dankowski Gold Rye with a Belvedere Orange Martinez, stirred with Carpano Antica formula and West Indian Ornage Bitters and garnished with a pink grapefruit zest.

Outcome; Belvedere’s Pop Ups are fantastic bubbles in which to take prospects on brand experiences. From the hedonistic to the culinary. BAMBOO enjoyed curating the food and drink programme ensuring that every guest left having had a unique Belvedere experience.