Appleton Reserve Pairings

Project type; Food Strategy

Appleton targets a discerning no nonsense consumer with a clever food pairing platform.

Objective; Animate Appleton Reserve and Extra Old with a scalable food programme showcasing unique flavour profiles and demonstrating the rums versatility.

Mechanic; Thirteen produced a series of holistic serves with wet and dry elements working together to produce a cohesive experience. These pairings were brought to life as part of an interactive  two part workshop for lifestyle and food press. The tasting started with a pretty unconventional blending session compared by Master Blender Joy Spence that used paint tubes of fruit purees squeezed onto an artists palette to showcase each key flavour in the rum. Guests sipped their rum, tasted their ‘paints’ and with direction from Joy, used a palette knife to blend the ‘paints’ trying to build up some of the complex layers of flavour present in the rum. For the second part of the event BAMBOO worked with renowned Brooklyn Supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife to bring these flavours to life through a Kitchen/Bar workshop that had guests preparing citrus battered soft shell crab and infusing Appleton Reserve with tamarind and chili.

Outcome; A typically ambivalent group of lifestyle press were easy to reach with this simple animation and involving workshop. Appleton’s food strategy continues today.