Absolut Sensory

Project type; Trade Engagement

BAMBOO was commissioned to design and execute a series of ‘Sensory Journeys’ for Absolut Vodka.

Objective; A highly ambitious programme designed to get key top tier influencers to re think their position on a recently much maligned and poorly understood category. Vodka.

Mechanic; Absolut Sensory was delivered to small select groups of key trade and press in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago and LA. An in depth and objective look at what vodka is all about (beyond marketing) and workshops on how we perceive, analyse, communicate and utilise it. The daylong programme used 9 different exercises to deliver a series of messages. Key taste makers were exposed to multi sensory films, an Absolut English tea, blind ‘nosings’, cross category perception and analysis sessions led by sensory expert Per Hermansson, a language workshop, a tongue in cheek ‘speakeasy’ curated by David Wondrich and last but not least an involved pairing dinner. But this wasn’t just any dinner. An eleven course extravaganza designed with Grant Achatz, of Chicago’s extraordinary Alinea, that had guests licking the table. Literally. Each dish was holistically paired with an Absolut cocktail developed , by Thirteen, to contrast or complement Grant’s beautifully poised food.

Absolut Sensory Journey from BAMBOO London on Vimeo.

Outcome; to hold the attention of the most media savvy and heavily marketed to audience in the industry, for 9 straight hours, was quite a feat. The programme took a practical look at vodka, exploring the tangible facets of the category beneath all the marketing. The message that vodka wasn’t just a ubiquitous and often overpriced commodity was well received with all attendees, even the most cynical. Although we ran some video interviews at the end of session,  any form of capture during the programme would have been disruptive and unnecessary.  A hearts and minds campaign successful through delivering very high end content with remarkable people in great environments.

Thank you Soul Brother Photography for some of these photos