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Thirteen years ago we set out to supply a complete bar service to the events industry. BAMBOO was the first professional event bar company providing event trained bartenders, bars, cocktails and bar management. The team worked with event producers, caterers and private clients on all aspects of drink creative, bar design, service and logistics.  Operating at any level from a lone, black clad,  gun-slinging bartender to a full custom bar complete with bespoke cocktails for up to 15,000 guests, we broke new ground by designing and refining service techniques that allowed us to take the high quality and highly consistent product of the wonderful 90’s London Style Bar into the event field, delivering superb drinks quickly. Today, BAMBOO’s bar teams are still at hundreds of high end events each year, all over the world, serving hundreds of thousands of cocktails.

Close links with drink brands led to forging consultative relationships with their producers, marketers and publicists. Soon BAMBOO was designing cocktails, advising on POSM and building and activating entire brand environments. We began to work strategically with brands to build tools and long term programmes designed to reach both their trade and consumer audiences.

The US office opened late in the summer of 2007, giving us access to talent, trends and ideas from two continents and better support and continuity for our global brands.

Today BAMBOO is a strategic agency partner to some of the world’s most iconic brands and works with them to build relationships with their top tier trade and consumer prospects.

BAMBOO London is a proud member of At Your Service Group, founded in London in 1992. The At Your Service Group is a mature business with a rock solid reputation and almost two decades of acumen geared towards providing market leading service.

From such stability springs innovation and At Your Service Event Staffing has evolved over the years into a full event support group with international coverage and a portfolio of specialist business units that cover emerging markets, such as BAMBOO, or furnish poorly supplied areas, such as SHERPA and ICE3.