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BAMBOO creates original branded content

BAMBOO provides tools like service rituals and experiences such as immersive environments that build brands.

We design and execute engaging encounters that create emotional links between the brand and its prospect. These touch points generate loyalty, advocacy and ultimately drive sales.

This approach has evolved out of the most simple interaction; making someone a drink.

Other agencies might use big name DJ’s and stadium sized special effects (and after all, who’s averse to a bit of showmanship?) but our focus is the physical delivery and ingestion of the product itself. We create fantastic journeys for our audience where the whole environment is geared towards controlling the consumption moment and curating the theatre of delivery; crafting a package of emotions, embedding sense memories, shifting viewpoints and changing behaviour. We are changing people’s relationships with brands, starting with the product not the packaging.

This unique method has developed over a decade of producing original and resonating concepts for a very noisy market. This approach  is about human interaction, service and hospitality. It is about using talented people to mold impactful and very personal experiences. It’s about using simple processes to deliver complex messages. It might be rooted in the psychology behind preference, but its manifestation isn’t esoteric or overly clever. It is about driving lasting interest, respect and ultimately, desire.